Welcome to B.O.T.t.L.E. where today can be the day to make someones else’s a little better!

The idea for B.O.T.t.L.E. came from the observance of the lack of confidence in the people around me, the people I encounter daily.  These are beautiful people, people I respect greatly, but I feel that they don’t fully respect themselves. They don’t take credit for their amazing accomplishments, they don’t credit themselves as beautiful, and worst of all they don’t know how appreciated and loved they are.  This lack of feelings of accomplishment, beauty, and love, all lead to depression, anxiety, and in the worst-case suicide.  It’s a major problem in our world.  So how do we solve the problem? There is only one thing we need to do – tell others when they make us feel special. Tell them we love them. Tell them they are beautiful.

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